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#StayHome – How We Deal With Corona and Live Togetherness Despite Social Distancing

It’s undeniable: Almost everywhere in the world there’s no getting around social distancing at the moment. First of all, we wish good health and a lot of strength to master this unusual situation to all of you. The safety of our employees, partners, customers and their friends and families is our top priority. For this reason, also ConSol switched to a "Home Office First" policy starting March 13, 2020. This applies to all our subsidiaries & offices. #FlattenTheCurve is the order of the day, and we are doing everything we can to fulfill our social responsibility to achieve this goal together.

Our outstanding IT infrastructure made work from home possible overnight for all ConSol employees. As usual, we are 100 percent committed to the needs of our customers and partners, and the current situation does not change that. Customers & partners can rely on our service and support at all times, we will continue to provide it to full extent.

Our measures taken during the Corona crisis and how we stay in touch:

  • (Almost) everybody works from home.
  • Beyond that, we abide by the official regulations on staying at home.
  • An emergency team continues to take care of building operations and IT on site by keeping a proper distance from each other.
  • We have cancelled all customer visits & events until further notice.
  • Meetings take place remotely via video conferencing. This applies to meetings with customers as well as internal unit meetings.
  • No business trips.
  • Online meetups and webinars are already being planned.
  • Remote coffee breaks, after-work drinks, online yoga or tele-cooking – we stick together and stay in touch!

We live and maintain the digital exchange wherever possible. In times where social exchange works only very limited, it is important to be there for each other – not least to stay healthy and highly motivated for all our customers & partners.

We stay informed on a daily basis in order to adjust our risk plans to the current situation. This way we do our share to protect all of us. We expect to maintain these measures until further notice. As soon as there are updates, we will publish them on this page.

With this in mind: Please take care, all of you! We stay optimistic and make the best of this situation – who knows what chances it holds! #StayConnected.

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